A. E. Stallings

Four Poems [...]

Grey Gowrie

An Ill-loved Song
prompted by Apollinaire [...]

Rimbaud in Douai

from Arthur Rimbaud: A Douai et à Charleville by Georges Izambard
tr. Allison Vanouse [...]

The Flâneur of Paris: The Aesthetic Spy

by Guillaume Apollinaire, tr. Peter Behrman de Sinéty & Petya Ivanova [...]

The State of Criticism

William Logan [...]

Editorial Staff

Publisher and Managing Editor: U.S. Dhuga
Editor: Ben Mazer
Associate Editor: Allison Vanouse
Contributing Editors: Philip NikolayevRobert Archambeau (Chicago), Todd Swift (London), Peter Behrman de Sinéty (Paris), Ann Fallon (Dublin), Petya Ivanova (Geneva), Marcel Inhoff (Germany), Jeet Thayil (India), Mario Murgia (Mexico City), Flaminia Ocampo (Buenos Aires)
Production Manager: Myra Vulcan

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