Contents: TBR No. 3, Summer 2013

The Battersea Review


Publisher and Managing Editor: U.S. Dhuga
Editor: Ben Mazer
Contributing Editors: Philip Nikolayev, Robert Archambeau (Chicago), Todd Swift (U.K.), Jeet Thayil (India), Peter Behrman-de Sinéty (France), Mario Murgia (Mexico)
Associate Editor and Foreign Correspondent: Allison Vanouse
Production Manager: Zachary Bos


"But What Will We Do, and other poems" by Adrienne Raphel
"going medieval and wasted opportunity" by Alexei Tsvetkov
"Eleven Londons, and A Free Translation" by Alfred Corn
"Aristophane's Clouds, and Leaving By Train" by Ashley-Elizabeth Best
"Two Poems" by Ben Mazer
"Six Poems" by Geoffrey O'Brien
"Two Poems from the German, translated by James Reidel" by Georg Trakl tr. by James Reidel
"Poem and a Translation" by Greg Delanty
"Three Poems" by John Hennessy
"Four Poems" by John Tranter
"Three Poems" by Katia Kapovich
"Fives Poems and a Sonnet" by M.A. Schorr
"Message from the Future" by Mark Lamoureux
"Five Poems" by Peter Robinson
"Blackout" by Philip Nikolayev
"Poems from the Russian, translated by Philip Nikolayev" by Pushkin and Mandelshtam tr. by Philip Nikolayev
"Ode to Man, and Ode to Eros" by Sophocles tr. by U.S. Dhuga
"A Thought Before Sleeping Next to Running Water, and other poems" by Stephen Sturgeon
"Entry Is By The Wolf Door" by Whit Griffin


"“Like a Muscle Under Too Long Tension”: The Correspondence of Robert Lowell and Randall Jarrell" by Sean Campbell
"Expectation" by John Howard
"Harvard and Yale Poetry Culture between the World Wars" by Ben Mazer
"Imagination Ablaze" by Mario Murgia
"On the Interlocutor" by An essay by Mandelshtam tr. by Philip Nikolayev
"Poe, Keats and the Wordsworthian Sublime" by Thomas Graves
"T.S. Eliot and the Vanishing Brahmin" by Robert Archambeau
"Tale of the 336th Heart" by Darley Jest
"The King: a dramatic monologue by Ben Mazer" by Ann Fallon
"The Logic of the Air" by Allison Vanouse
"The Naming of *Thats* is a Difficult Matter" by Raymond Barfield
"The Savage Parade" by D.M. Stewart
"Through a Glass, Darkly" by Cassandra Nelson
"Wallace Stevens, Freezer of Slang" by Stephen Sturgeon