Contents: TBR No. 1, Summer 2012

The Battersea Review


Publisher and Managing Editor: U.S. Dhuga
Editor: Ben Mazer
Contributing Editors: Philip Nikolayev (U.S.), Todd Swift (U.K.), Jeet Thayil (India), Peter Behrman de Sinéty (France), Mario Murgia (Mexico)
Designer: Drew VanderVeen


"Office Worker, 1928; Painters Wife, 1926; and Laboratory Technician, 1938" by Adam Kirsch
"After Crossroads, Dog 193, and Lyric" by Ailbhe Darcy
"The King " by Ben Mazer
"Elizabeth Still, and Mortiferous Activity" by Corey Mesler
"Zone" by David Meltzer
"Kingsessing Avenue, The Lost Kings Uphold My Side, and Routes" by Ernest Hilbert
"Edgar Rice Burroughs, Purvis Young Dies At 67, and other poems" by Gerard Malanga
"From The Greek Anthology, Book XVII" by Greg Delanty
"The Future Infinitives, Again By Water, and Re:Application" by Jeet Thayil
"The Limerick Oddyssey, Books Twelve Through Twenty Four" by Joe Green
"The Green Man In April, and Ativan/Augustine" by John Hennessy
"Three Poems " by Kathleen Rooney
"Rivalry, Vita Nova, and other poems" by Katia Kapovich
"Transit Inspection, and Imitations of Coleridge" by M. A. Schorr
"After You Left, The Splendour of Your Darkness, and Angelito Del Fango " by M. E. Silverman
"* * *" by Peter Behrman de Sinéty
"Juvenilia, Where Arhe Whe?, and five other poems" by Philip Nikolayev
"Four Poems" by Richard Brammer
"For John Matthias, Hieratic Perspective, and La Bandera" by Robert Archambeau
"A Sock Is Not A Human Being" by Stephen Burt
"Eleven Poems" by Stephen Sturgeon


"The Foundations of Poetry Mathematics" by Ben Mazer
"A Thing Attempted in Rhyme: the Vicissitudes of Translating the Furioso into Renaissance English and Spanish" by Mario Murgia
"A Cessation of Resemblances" by Marjorie Perloff
"Philip Larkin and the Splendid Poem / Unsplendid Reality" by Nora Delaney
"Terence Tiller's Lovely Shapes of Rhetoric" by Todd Swift
"Gadabout" by Weldon Kees and Vincent McHugh, transcribed and edited by James Reidel