Contents: TBR No. 5, Fall 2015

The Battersea Review


Publisher and Managing Editor: U.S. Dhuga
Editor: Ben Mazer
Associate Editor:Allison Vanouse
Contributing Editors: Philip Nikolayev, Robert Archambeau (Chicago), Todd Swift (London), Peter Behrman de Sinéty (Paris), Ann Fallon (Dublin), Petya Ivanova (Geneva), Marcel Inhoff (Germany), Jeet Thayil (India), Mario Murgia (Mexico City), Flaminia Ocampo (Buenos Aires)
Production Manager: Myra Vulcan


"Creating Value in Our Time" by Ben Mazer


Four Poems by A. E. Stallings
"An Ill-loved Song" prompted by Apollinaire, by Grey Gowrie
Four Poems by Peter Behrman de Sinéty
Seven Poems by Allison Vanouse
"Figure-skating backwards, after Jules Laforgue" by Allison Vanouse
"Le buffet" by Arthur Rimbaud, tr. Allison Vanouse
Three Poems by Max Jacob, tr. Rosanna Warren
"Painting" by André du Bouchet, tr. Stephen Romer
Two Poems by Michel Deguy, tr. and introduced by Richard Rand
"Necesse est Perstare?" by Ben Mazer
Sixteen Poems by Rob Chalfen
"An Ark at Sebastopol" by Anna Razumnaya
Three Poems by John Greening
"Of Evil and Suffering" by Philip Nikolayev
"The Critic" by Alexander Pushkin, tr. Philip Nikolayev
Four Poems by Lee Oser
Two Poems by Robert Archambeau
"The Mirabeau Bridge" by Guillaume Apollinaire, tr. Philip Nikolayev
Four Poems from The Lost Soul by Jean-Claude Pirotte, tr. Robert Archambeau and Jean-Luc Garneau
Six Poems from Le Chant des morts by Pierre Reverdy, tr. Gary Roberts
Six Poems by Raymond Queneau, tr. Anne Atik
Six Poems by Charles d'Orléans, tr. Geoffrey O'Brien
Five Poems by Edmond Rostand, tr. Mark Lamoureux
The Chimeras by Gérard de Nerval, tr. Mark Lamoureux
"Tricks of the Mind" by Lorna Collins
Three Poems by Petya Ivanova
"I'm Not Swift" by Todd Swift
"Sheathless" by Emily Bilman
"Edward Dorn, a Philippic" by Peter Cowlam


"Rimbaud in Douai" by Georges Izambard, tr. Allison Vanouse
"The Flâneur of Paris: The Aesthetic Spy" by Guillaume Apollinaire, tr. Peter Behrman de Sinéty and Petya Ivanova
"Beckett and Technology" by Robert Scanlan
"André du Bouchet's Poetry as Thought" by Clement Layet, tr. Peter Behrman de Sinéty
"Joyce Under the Influence" by Ann Fallon
"Love-intellect. The Imaginings and the Embodiment of Love in Dante's New Life" by Mario Murgia
"Toussaint's America" by Dean Grodzins
"Like a Silent Clock: Edwin Muir and His Poetry" by John Greening
"The State of Criticism" by William Logan
"The State of Criticism: Poetry Criticism Today" by Marjorie Perloff
"The State of Criticism" by David Bromwich
"The State of Criticism: The Work of Criticism in the Age of Mechanical Recommendation" by Robert Archambeau
"The State of Criticism: Everyone's a Critic. . .Now What?" by Michael Theune
"Poetry: What's Next" by Adam Kirsch
"'The Objective Correlative' and T. S. Eliot's Combined Personae as Tireias-Narcissus in The Waste Land" by Emily Bilman
"On the Disheveled Elegance of Donald Antrim's The Afterlife" by Darley Stewart
"The Letter as Literature: Jacques Vaché" by Alex Shakespeare
"Satanic Pride: Berryman, Schwartz, and the Genesis of Love & Fame" by J. T. Welsch
"Tintin and the Well of Dissatisfaction: Benoit Peeters' Hergé: Son of Tintin" by Alexandra Kulik
"'In exhaustion lives discovery': Stephen Sturgeon's The Ship" by Daniel Evans Pritchard
"Note on the Poetry Scene in France" by Richard Rand
"Parisian Notes" by Peter Behrman de Sinéty
"Three Letters from Germany" by Marcel Inhoff
"Chicago Letter: The Open Doors" by Robert Archambeau
"Geneva Chronicle" by Emily Bilman
"A Letter from Dublin" by Ann Fallon
"Mexico City Letter" by Mario Murgia
"Buenos Aires Letter" by Flaminia Ocampo