Contents: TBR No. 6, Fall 2016

The Battersea Review:


Publisher and Managing Editor: U.S. Dhuga (Toronto)
Editor: Ben Mazer (Boston)
Issue Editors: Mario Murgia (Mexico City), Flaminia Ocampo (Buenos Aires)
Associate Editor: Robert Archambeau (Chicago)
Contributing Editors: Philip Nikolayev (Boston), Todd Swift (London), Peter Behrman de Sinéty (Paris), Ann Fallon (Dublin), Petya Ivanova (Geneva), Marcel Inhoff (Germany), Jeet Thayil (India), Dan Sociu (Romania), Angela D'Ambra (Italy)
Production Manager: Zachary Bos (Pen & Anvil)


"Introduction" by Mario Murgia and Flaminia Ocampo


"Introduction" by Mario Murgia and Flaminia Ocampo
"Three Poems" by Héctor Abad, translated by Zachary Bos
"Poems in Translation" by Samuel Beckett, translated by Juan Carlos Calvillo
"Six Poems" by León Felipe, translated by Walter Smelt
"Five Poems" by Andrés García Cerdán, translated by Jorge Rodríguez-Miralles
"Three Poems" by David Huerta, translated by Mario Murgia
"En Tren (“By Train”)" by Antonio Machado, translated by Walter Smelt
"Three Poems" by Fernando Noy, translated by Geoffrey O’Brien


"Spain on the Horizon: Some Notes on Astronomy and Medieval England" by Raúl Ariza-Barile
"Juan Rodolfo Wilcock’s Two Phases" by Horacio Armani
"Clarice: Woman, Body, and Voice" by Gabriella Burnham
"Ferdinand’s Renunciation" (from The Constant Prince) by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, translated by Geoffrey O’Brien
"An Appreciation of Pedro Páramo" by Nicholas Christopher
"Milton in Puebla, Mexico" by Angelica Duran
"Xavier Icaza’s Untimely Avant-Garde" by Christian Gerzso
"Writing and Translation" by Alejandro Manara
"Remembering Alejandra Pizarnik" by Flaminia Ocampo
"The Goddess Coatlicue: Environmental Renewal and Femicide in Homero Aridjis’ La leyenda de los soles" by Adela Ramos
"Polyphony and Portable Identities: The niuyorriqueña poetry of Tato Laviera" by Salvador San Juan
"The Slingshot (A Parable)" by Luisa Valenzuela, translated by Geoffrey O'Brien
"When Borges was Director of the National Library" by María Esther Vázquez
"Erotica in the Rio Grande: Thoughts on Sandra Cisneros’s Loose Woman" by Gwendolyn Díaz-Ridgeway
"Pilgrim Tales: Luisa Josefina Hernández’s Medieval Fiction" by Ana Elena González-Treviño
"Cernuda" by Gabriel Linares
"Survey: Fifteen Favorite Latin American Writers" by Flaminia Ocampo
"Black Surrealism and Rooting in the Literature of the Antilles" by Salvador San Juan
"From the Feather to the Poncho: A New Yorker Vicuña" by Lila Zemborain